Teeth Whitening Tray ( case of 100)

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A case contains 100 Prima White Customizable ThermoForm Trays. Featuring a proprietary high quality soft silicone, our supreme self-impression trays are a perfect solution for achieving a dazzling white smile from the convenience of home. When submerged in warm water they will become pliable. Your patient will then place them in their mouth and create suction. The trays will contour to the shape of the teeth creating a custom fit by stretching or contracting. Once the trays are formed they will have a mouthpiece that will fit with ease and stay in place for a comfortable period of time providing even teeth whitening. Features of these ThermoForm trays are:

  • Soft and Comfortable to Wear
  • One Size Fits All
  • Covers the Front and Back of your Patients' Teeth
  • Easy to Mold
  • Clear, proprietary high quality, soft silicone